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Automatic Backups Do Not Run


In order for the software to perform automatic backups, the power options on the computer must be properly configured. The computer must also be turned on and connected to the internet. Add – Backup Agent Disabled, continual lack of network connection (backups may start on the local machine but can't be reported to the portal, so notifications would show as missed, while the software would show cancel or failed)


How come my Automatic Backups Do Not Run?


  1. Start->Control Panel.
  2. Double click 'Power Options'.
  3. Turn off hard disks should be set to Never, if not please change the setting.
  4. System standby and system hibernates should be set to never, if no please change the settings.
  5. Start the Backup Agent software
  6. Now run a backup to verify the software is working and can establish a connection. If the backup works, ensure the backup set(s) are enabled and scheduled for daily backup.

Solution Verification

  1. Follow up the next day to verify automated backup was successful.


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