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Backup Monitor Becomes Unresponsive or Freezes



When viewing a backup or restore job in progress, the Backup Monitor becomes unresponsive and may freeze up.  This may occur after the Backup Monitor is left open for a prolonged period or it may happen shortly after the Backup Monitor is opened.




Check to see if your display's DPI settings are either 96 or 100 DPI or DPI scaling is set to 100%.  You can check this by opening the Control Panel and searching for Display.


This behavior has been shown to happen more often when a backup job or restore job is running and when the Backup Monitor is left open for extended periods.  The current solution is to close the Backup Monitor and reopen it to refresh the display.  Since this problem happens more often when the Backup Monitor is left open, it is recommended you close the monitor when it is not in use.

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