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Intronis Partner Toolkit

How does Intronis ensure the integrity of files backed up to the cloud?

The integrity checker will scan the most recently uploaded files and revisions, data most likely to be needed for a restore, for corruption.


  1. If a file is found to be corrupted, we will then look to our second data center and check a second copy of that file.  If the second copy is not corrupted then we will copy it to the primary data center to replace the corrupted one.
  2. If both copies of the files are corrupted then the file will be marked for re-upload on the next backup that is run.


Even though Intronis has these measures in place, it's a good idea never to take restore viability for granted.  It is best practice to test a restore before a critical situation may occur.  If possible, it is best to set up regular test restores.

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