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Scheduling Backups

When creating or editing backup sets, it is important to set a schedule by which the backup set will run.  This article will help you set or change a schedule as well as explain the two types of schedules available.


Setting a Backup Schedule

When creating a backup set for the first time, you will be taken to the Schedule page after you give the backup set a name, select a backup type, and choose what you want to back up. If you are editing an existing backup set, you can get to the Schedule page by doing the follows:

  1. Log into the management portal and navigate to the computer account whose backup set you want to edit.

  2. Go to the Backup tab and click on the Edit button next to the backup set. editbutton.png

  3. Click Next until you arrive at the Schedule page.

  4. You will have the option to create a calendar-based schedule or an interval-based schedule.

  5. After making any changes, hit Next until you are at the last page.  Click Finish to save those changes.


Calendar-Based Scheduleschedule.png

A calendar-based schedule is one where backup job start at a specific time and day. This is best for backup types which need to run at on a regular basis (usually off-hours) or don't need to run as frequently as an interval-based schedule.

On the page above, you can modify the schedule a few different ways:

  • Double-clicking on the calendar will add a new backup job start time

  • Clicking and dragging the yellow sticky notes on the calendar will allow you to change the backup job start times

  • Right-clicking on the yellow stick notes will give you the option to Delete or Edit.  The Edit option lets you choose whether the backup job will run to completion or cancel at some time, as well as what type of backup should be run (full, differential, or incremental).  These options may not be available for all backup set types.


intervalschedule.pngInterval-Based Schedule

An interval-based schedule is one where backups are started after a user-defined time interval has passed.  If you set the interval to two hours, the backup job will attempt to run once every two hours.  The first backup will start one interval after you save the backup schedule.  Interval-based schedules are best for backup jobs which require a high level of granularity in their restore point objective (RPO) or for laptops.

Laptops benefit from having an interval-based schedule since the software can try multiple times in a day to run a backup job, compensating for the fact the laptop may be turned off or asleep often.

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