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Unable to Edit Settings in Backup Monitor



After opening the Backup Monitor, not all of the tabs are displayed across the top or pane within the Monitor window are small and not all of the options can be read or edited.




The Backup Monitor may be misconfigured in respect to the appropriate window coordinates.  Those settings can be changed in the Settings.xml file in the backup software's installation folder.




Before editing the Settings.xml file, it is important to make a copy of the original.  This will allow you to revert the file to its previous state if any modifications result in the software becoming unstable.


  1. Stop the Backup Agent service.
  2. Make the following additions or modifications to the Settings.xml file:
        <UseClassicExplorerAsDefault Value="True" />
        <WindowX Value="-8" />
        <WindowY Value="-8" />
  3. Save the new Settings.xml file and start the Backup Agent service.  If the service does not start, revert to the backup copy of Settings.xml.
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