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Barracuda MSP Partner Toolkit


On May 20th to 21st we will be assigning your ECHOshare teams to Autotask Workplace. ECHOshare was originally a product that was developed in partnership with Autotask. We are steadfastly focused on delivering our partners the best data protection and security portfolio in the industry. While we focus our engineering and support resources on backup, firewall, and email security offerings, we want to make sure you can maintain your file sync and share offerings.

There will be minimal disruption to your clients when we make this transition in conjunction with Autotask. The one item you should prepare for is that the transition will require that your clients’ existing software be updated to a new version of ECHOshare.

While this transition may introduce some level of impact to you, it will align you with Autotask — the product owner— so they can better serve your file sync and share needs.
Please take a moment to review the FAQs and Timeline Overview provided below.


  • Will data resyncing or migration be needed? No data resyncing or migration will be needed. All files and folders stored in the application will be carried over.
  • Do I need to do anything to upgrade my desktop agents? A special upgrade installer agent will be provided to allow a seamless upgrade of the desktop agents.
  • Will my public links still work? All public links will need to be recreated. They will not be carried over.
  • Do I need to re-craft my welcome email or manage new credentials for my end users? A new welcome email will be visible in your ECHOshare reseller portal. End users will be able to use existing credentials.
  • Does this change how my end users log in? There will be a new login page for partners and end users which will be provided.
  • Will the existing mobile app still work? Autotask Workplace branded mobile apps will need to be downloaded from the iOS or Android store. The old mobile apps will no longer upgrade.

Timeline Overview:

  • May 1st to May 19th – Partner completes form via SignNow to assign ECHOshare to Autotask.
  • May 20th and 21st – Migration of ECHOshare to Autotask Workplace. No action is required on your part.
  • May 22nd – End users will be prompted to update their software to Autotask Workplace.

If you currently have ECHOShare and have any additional questions please email or call Partner Management at 800-569-0155 option 2


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