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What is the difference between an ‘Administrator’, ‘Team Member‘, and ‘Connection’ user types?


Administrators are users who are authorized to perform administrative and billing functions, and manage the accounts of other users within the team. In the creation of a new ECHOshare team, the creator of the new account is the ‘Default Administrator’. All Administrators are responsible for billing issues related to their Team Members and Connections. Administrators can, at their sole discretion, terminate the account of a Team Member or Connection.


A Team Member is a regular, unrestricted user of ECHOshare. They may be individuals or direct employees of companies that have contracted ECHOshare to make the services available to the team. The Default Administrator may give a Team Member  ‘Administrator’ rights.


A Connection is a restricted user who has limited rights and capabilities, and may therefore be sold at substantially reduced fees. Connections cannot create or own Projects.


Any user utilising the ECHOshare service and who is a direct employee of an entity or organization that subscribes to the ECHOshare service requires a Team Member seat license and may not use a Connection seat license.

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