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Can I remotely erase my ECHOshare content on a Computer?


Can I remotely erase my ECHOshare content on a Computer?


Yes. There are a number of ways to do this but the easiest way is to login to ECHOshare Workplace Online.


Note: Backed up and synchronised files are handled separately and need to be removed independently.


Select the Devices’ tab on the top which shows all of the computers associated with your account that have a ECHOshare Agent installed and have been configured to backup or sync your data.


Select the Computer’ from which you would like to remove the synchronised data. You will now see your files and folders under the Project Status’ tab. Click on Select Projects’ on the upper right. This will start a wizard to allow you to select and remove any Project from that particular computer.


You can then go back to the Computers’ tab and repeat the above for backups under Backup Status’.


If you will no longer using this computer, you should disable it. To do this, select the computer from the Devices’ tab, then select Manage Computer’ on the upper right, and select Disable’ from the pop-up menu list.

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