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How can I configure the ECHOshare Windows Agent to run as a System Service?


The ECHOshare Windows Desktop Agent may be configured to run as a System Service. The most common use case for running ECHOshare as a System Service is on a file server. In a Windows server environment, running the ECHOshare Agent as a Windows System Service is much more desirable where the sync process starts automatically whenever the server boots up, rather than a user logging in. Also, when a Windows Desktop Agent is being used as an Access Agent for Active Directory, it should also be configured to run as a Windows System Service so that the process can start when the host server is booted up (the ECHOshare AD Access Agent is installed inside the firewall with IP reachability to the AD server and also connects to the ECHOshare service through SSL.  The Access Agent supports importing AD users and Groups into ECHOshare and also proxies user credentials at login). To configure your Windows Agent as a System Service, right click on the ECHOshare icon on your Windows task bar (normally near the bottom right of your screen), then click Settings, then select Run as a Service. This will cause the agent to restart as a Windows System Service and will require you to log back in to ECHOshare.