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How can I remotely wipe or delete my ECHOshare content on a Smartphone or a Tablet?


Working with smartphones or tablets is a little different than with Computers since they do not use a sync/backup agent, therefore the only locally stored files are the ones you may have favorited. You can always un-favorite these files from the web UI - when you first login, you will see them under the Dashboard tab. These files are stored in an encrypted cache and logging out from the mobile app will erase all of these files.  One way to force this is to change the user's password, so the next time the mobile app tries to log into the service, it will be locked out, and after 5 incorrect login attempts, the local cache will be wiped clean.  While ECHOshare is always improving the way remote wipe operates on individual mobile devices, many of our customers use a third party MDM tool to remote wipe their smartphones since they have a lot more content (e-mails, contacts, pictures, etc.) than just sync files on their devices.

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