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How do Linked Teams work in ECHOshare?


Any ECHOshare user can be a Team Member or an Admin in multiple team accounts, using the same user name (e-mail address).  For example, a user may be an Admin on one team, and a Team Member on another team.  When such a user participates in multiple teams using the same e-mail address, the teams are called “Linked Teams” and the user is able to switch between them from the Web UI through a team pull-down list on the upper right of the screen. A user may also link other ECHOshare teams that he or she participates in using a different e-mail address to the Linked Team list to enable easy switching between all of his or her teams through the Web UI.


When such Linked Teams exist, one of the teams, usually the first team created, is designated the primary team and this is the team that is shown to the user when logging in from the Web UI. For security reasons, the passwords and policies associated for all Linked Teams are forced by the service to be the same (analogous to single sign-on) to enable switching from team to team without additional authentication steps. However, if one of the teams is using Active Directory for password management, then switching to that particular team always requires re-authentication.

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