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How to restore files in ECHOshare that have been encrypted by the CryptoLocker trojan?


In the event a computer is infected with CryptoLocker, as a precaution and to prevent any further encryption of your files, we recommend immediately disconnecting the affected computer(s) from your network and attempt to remove the malware from the affected computer(s).


Note: The safest remediation may be to re-format the affected computer to ensure all remnants of the CryptoLocker trojan has been removed.


If your ECHOshare files and folders were affected by CryptoLocker, ECHOshare's data-retention and versioning control may allow you to revert your files to a previous time before they became infected.


Login to ECHOshare Online

Navigate to ECHOshare Online and login to your ECHOshare account.


Navigate to the Project or folder to be restored

Select the Project tab and navigate to the Project, folder or file you wish to restore.


Open the Previous Version window

From the associated action menu, select 'Manage' → 'Previous Version'.


Select the Version to restore

Using the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons, navigate to the desired version date, then click 'Actions' → 'Restore'.


Select the Device to restore to from the available devices

Note that device needs to be online to perform this task!


Select the location to restore the files to:

Use Desktop folder

The restored files will be downloaded to your Desktop

Use default restore folder

The restored files will be downloaded to the default downloads location

Browse for a different directory

The restored files will be downloaded to your desired directory


Re-upload the Project, folder or file

Once the restore process has been completed, you will be required to re-upload the files to overwrite the affected files:

  1. Disconnect or shutdown the ECHOshare Desktop Agent
  2. Within ECHOshare Online, delete the Project, folder or file
  3. Reconnect or startup the ECHOshare Desktop Agent
  4. Move the restored Project, folder or file into the desired location within the ECHOshare Workplace folder


Note that you will also need to setup the sharing permissions for any Projects or folders that are uploaded, as these will be overwritten in performing these steps!  

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