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I installed the Mac Agent but do not see the ECHOshare Folder, how do I use the folder and save documents in it?


By default, the ECHOshare folder is placed in the Mac Home Folder and sometimes this folder is hidden, therefore it’s necessary to make it visible in the sidebar to use it easily. Once this is done, you can navigate to it directly and choose “ECHOshare” for saving documents whereby the ECHOshare agent will push the documents up to the cloud for syncing with all your other devices.  Follow the steps below to create a shortcut to the ECHOshare folder on a Mac:

Step 1: Open Finder Preferences.

Step 2: Choose your Home Folder in the list for "Show these items in the sidebar".

Step 3: Open a new Finder window. Choose your Home Folder, and you will see your ECHOshare folder. Drag and drop the folder into the sidebar where you would like it and you now have a shortcut.