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Is ECHOShare aware of metered connections?


Does ECHOShare have a method for detecting a metered connection and give the user the option of whether to use it or not? The idea is to prevent ECHOShare from running over a connection established by a Smart phone hotspot, which incurs usage charges.


We do not have plans for metered connections as this time because the agent's performs best on a non-metered connection. The agent's real-time sync mechanism is not configurable and functions best when it is allowed to move traffic unhindered. Restricting or limiting this traffic can be debilitating to the agent as the sync queue builds. 

The complication in this case is that wireless hotspots share the same connection type as traditional WIFI. Additionally, the controllers are handled by the OS and w have no way to distinguish between a traditional WIFI network and a wireless hotspot. 

Configuring the machine so that it does not automatically connect to the wireless hotspot is not an option in this case as it will still require the user to manually configure the connection each time they want to connect. 


If available, check if the mobile hotspot offers a direct connection, like USB as this would allow the OS to see the unit as its own Connection type. From here, you can configure to agent to not use this connection when plugged in. This is likely your best option.