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ECHOshare Desktop Agent Project Loader


ECHOshare Workplace Desktop Agent version 5.0 offers a significant enhancement:

Project Loader

The Project Loader allows for Projects to be pre-populated with files that are available locally. This can significantly reduce the time and bandwidth required to get machines in sync with the ECHOshare service by eliminating the need to download.

Project Loader

The Project Loader is designed for the typical scenario when a new Team Member is added to an existing Team.

The Project Loader allows pre-population of Projects with local data instead of sync'ing them from the cloud. By copying the files from a local source, considerable time and bandwidth can be saved.

Note: for Projects to be visible and accessible to the Project Loader, first the Project must be shared with the respective Team Member.

Note: the Project Loader feature is currently only available for Windows.

Note: The free disk space on the machine must be greater than the size of the folder selected in step 4 plus 1GB.

Best practice for use of the Project Loader

  1. Log in to ECHOshare Online
  2. Create the new Team Member (if necessary)
  3. Share the desired Project(s) with the newly created Team Member
  4. Install the ECHOshare Desktop Agent 5.0 on the new Members machine
  5. Use the Project Loader to import the files from the local source
    Note: the default behavior of the Desktop Agent is to sync all Projects. Once the installation is complete, it may be necessary to first unsync Projects that have started syncing and then re-sync them using the Project Loader.


How to use the Project Loader

  1. Click on the ECHOshare icon in the system tray
    From the ‘Settings’ sub-menu, select ‘Workplace Sync…
  2. Click on ‘Sync Project
  3. Select the Project(s) to sync, select the ‘Use Project Loader’ option and then select either ‘Selective Sync’ or ‘Full Sync
    Note that multiple Projects may be simultaneously selected and synced using Project Loader.
  4. Browse to the location where the local copy of the data is stored, then click ‘OK
  5. Click ‘OK’ to start the Project Loader

What happens next?

Step 1
The Project Loader scans all the files within the selected folder

Step 2

The files in local folder are copied to a temporary folder and indexed

Step 3
The synchronization with the server is initialized

Step 4

The local Project is populated with files that are available from the local source and where exact matches exist on the server.

Only exact matches are copied to the active Project within the ECHOshare Workplace folder. Files that exist on the ECHOshare service but no exact match was found in the local source will be synced down to the machine. Files that exist in the local source that are not matched will be ignored.

Step 5
The locally available files have completed copying to the locally stored Project. The number of files that have been matched and copied are displayed, along with the amount of files needing to be synced (downloaded).

Click ‘Close’ to complete the Project Loader and commence syncing the files not currently within the selected Project.

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