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Intronis Partner Toolkit

Associating a New Account with an ECHOshare Team


To associate a new account with an ECHOshare team, perform the following steps

  1. At the Management Dashboard, click the Add Account button.

The New Accounts page is displayed.


  1. Complete the fields.

Note: Asterisks indicate that the field is mandatory.

  1. Select the ECHOshare team down arrow.



The unassigned teams are displayed.


  1. Do one of the following:
  • Select an ECHOshare team, complete the remaining fields, and then click Save.


  • Select Create new ECHOshare team and continue with the following steps.

The Create ECHOshare Team page is displayed.

  1. Complete the fields or select the Team Plan down arrow to choose an existing plan.



The fields are populated.


  1. Click Save.

The new account is displayed.

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