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Creating a File and Folder Backup Set

This article will outline the process for creating a File and Folder backup set from the management portal.  It will touch, briefly, on some advanced features of this backup set type such as advanced archiving and wildcard inclusions.



  1. subaccountbackuppage.pngLog into the management portal and go to the Manage tab.

  2. Navigate to the computer account to which you want to add a File and Folder backup set.  You should be on the Computer page.

  3. Go to the Backup tab and click on the Add Backup Set button to open the Create Backup Set window.


  4. The first page of the wizard will allow you to select what type of backupfilefolderpage1.png set you want to make (in this case, File and Folder), what you will call the backup set, and what storage type you will use (online, local, or both).  

    Click Next after setting those options.

    Note: Depending how you have the software and account configured, you may only see one or two of the storage type options.  For more information on which types should be available, reference this article.


  5. The next page is where you will filefolderpage2.pngchoose which files and folders to back up.  

    It is strongly recommended you be selective in choosing what to back up.  Selecting the entire drive or partition will lead to warnings and errors later on since such a selection will include files that cannot be backed up by our software (e.g temporary files, program files, etc...).  You can add files and folders from a network share by typing the UNC path for the share in the Path: field at the bottom of the window.  

    Note: When you add a network share, it may take a few moments for the software to connect to and load the contents of the share.

    After selecting what you want to back up, hit Next.


  6. After selecting what to bfilefolderpage3.pngack up, you will then set a backup schedule.  

    The schedule tells the software when to run backup jobs and whether the jobs should run to completion or cancel at some time.  Some partners schedule backups to begin shortly after their clients' work days end and cancel shortly before the next work day begins.  This setup avoids possibly slowing down their clients' machines during the day but, if the backup jobs are frequently running into their cancel-at time, they probably need more time to run.  More information on scheduling can be found here.  

    When you are done setting the backup schedule, click Next.


  7. The next page, called Settings, allofilefolderpage4.pngws you to set options which change how the File and Folder backup set behaves.  Most of the settings include a short description of what they do.  The most useful part of this section are the archiving rules.  For greater detail on how archiving rules (also called revision rules) work, see this article; for more information about advanced archiving rules, please see this one.

    Click Next to proceed to the last page. 


  8. The final page will give you a summfilefolderpage5.pngary of the backup set you have just created, including the number and size of all the files you will back up, the backup schedule, and the archiving rules.  If everything looks to be in order, select Create to finalize creation of the backup set.


Note: If the files and folders you selected to be backed up are deleted, moved, or renamed quite often, it is strongly recommended you create a Stray File Retention policy

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