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Creating a File and Folder Backup Set

This article will outline the process for creating a File and Folder backup set from the management portal.  It will touch, briefly, on some advanced features of this backup set type such as advanced archiving and wildcard inclusions.



  1. Log into the management portal and go to the Manage tab.  Navigate to the computer account to which you want to add a File and Folder backup set.

  2. Go to the Backup tab and click on the button next to Files and Folders in the Backup Type section.

  3. First, set the name of this new backup set by clicking on the name at the top or on the button next it.  Then, select whether you want the new backup set to store its backups Local Only, Online Only, or Online and Local.

    Note: Depending how you have the Backup Agent and computer account configured, you may only see one or two of the storage type options.  For more information on which types should be available, reference this article.

    Next, select which files and folders you want to back up.  If those reside on a network share, add the UNC path of the share in the Path: field near the bottom and hit the "Enter" key.  If the Backup Agent cannot access the share, you will be prompted for credentials to allow access.

    Add files and folders by placing a check next to them.  To drill down into a folder, click on the arrow to the right of a folder.  A list of all selected files and folders is shown on the right.

    When done making your selection, click Next.


  4. Set a schedule for the backups by choosing a recurrence interval (minutes, hours, days, or weeks) and either how often the backup will run or on which days the backup will run.  If you want to add more than one schedule, click the Add New button.

    If you choose a By Week recurrence interval, you can choose to let backups finish on their own or, if you uncheck the Allow to Finish box, forcibly cancel the backups at a given time.  If you choose the latter, any files backed up before the cancelation time will not be lost.

    Hit Next to proceed.


  5. The next page, called Retention, allows you to set the retention behavior for the backup set.  Adjust the default rule or check the box for Enable Advanced Archiving to create more elaborate retention schemes.  For greater detail on how archiving rules (also called revision rules) work, see this article; for more information about advanced archiving rules, please see this one.

    Click Next when you are finished adding any necessary archiving rules. 


  6. The Advanced page allows you to change a number of settings.  Each setting contains a description and most can be left as they are.  Please note that if you use any Wildcard Inclusions, only files and folders that meet those rules will be backed up.

    When done, click Next to see a summary of the backup set or hit Create Backup Set to finalize the backup set creation.


Note: If the files and folders you selected to be backed up are deleted, moved, or renamed quite often, it is strongly recommended you create a Stray File Retention policy

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