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Restoring a Hyper-V Standard Backup

Restoring from a Hyper-V Standard backup will give you the virtual hard disk file(s) for the virtual machines you want to recover.  These files are restored to a specific point in time and will be ready to be imported into Hyper-V.  This article will show you how to perform a Hyper-V Standard restore.

Note - In addition to the space needed to accommodate the restored (.vhd) or (.vhdx) files, expect to use a significant amount of space for the rebuilding of incremental changes.  The base file and changes will be restored simultaneously then merged together.



  1. Log into the management portal and navigate to the computer account you want to restore from.

  2. Go to the Restore tab and click on the button next to Hyper-V Standard in the Restore Selections section.

  3. In the restore wizard, select the virtual machine you want to restore and pick a revision date.  Hit Next after.

  4. On the next page, specify where you want to restore the virtual hard disks to.

    As mentioned before, you will need enough space to house the final virtual hard disks but will also additional temporary space for incremental change assembly.  Though changes usually account for a fraction of the virtual hard disks' size, you may want to err on the safe side and plan to use up to 50% of the virtual hard disks' sizes in temporary space.

    Click Next to see a summary of the restore job as well as instructions for importing the virtual hard disks into Hyper-V or hit the Restore button to begin the restore immediately.

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