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Doing an Object Level Restore (Image)

With an Image backup, you have the option to restore individual files and folders from the backup using the "Object-Level" option.  When restoring files and folders using the object-level capabilities, the restore works the same way as a File and Folder restore, only the data is restored from an Image backup.  Also, object-level restores are intended for short-term retrieval and should not be counted on to restore older files and folder; for this, a File and Folder backup set would be appropriate.  This guide will show you how to perform an object-level restore.



  1. Log into the management portal and navigate to the computer account you want to restore from.

  2. Go to the Restore tab and click on the button for Start a Restore.

  3. When the Restore wizard opens, select Images as the backup set type and select Object-level Restore from the right-hand side.  Hit Next to continue.

  4. Next, expand a specific Image revision (labeled with the time and date of backup) to see the files and folders within.  The further back you go in time, the longer it will take to display the files and folders; this is due to the backup software needing to unpack and reassemble the incremental chain to "rewind" the image to that point in time.

    After selecting the files or folders you want to restore, hit Next.

  5. Select which restore options you want to use when restoring the files and folders.  These options are identical to the ones presented during a File and Folder restore.  After you choose where you want to restore the files to and what the Existing Files behavior will be, click Next.

  6. The final page will give you a summary of the restore job.  Click Restore to begin the restore job.







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