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Requesting a Restored Data Drive

In instances where neither you nor your client have either the resources or time to restore their data, you can request that Intronis send you a hard drive with your client's restored data.  This differs from a restore drive by having data which is in the same state as it was when it was backed up; upon receiving a restored data drive, you can pull off the files you need directly from the drive rather than having to run a restore through the Backup Agent as you would with a restore drive.  Restored data drives are still encrypted to protect your data in transit, however, they can be unlocked with a password key instead of needing to be procedurally decrypted.


About Restored Data Drives

Processing Time

The time required to make a restored data drive is largely dependent on the amount of data being restored.  In addition, File and Folder backups and Exchange Mailbox-Level backups will take longer to restore than other backup set types.  For the quickest processing of your drive, we ask you give us the earliest notice possible, preferably before 12PM EST on a given business day – requests received before then stand the best chance of being processed the same business day.

Benefits of Choosing a Restored Data Drive

The servers we use to process the restored data drives are specifically optimized for minimal restore time.  Additionally, if there are any problems restoring your data, we can quickly diagnose and resolve the issue without needing to coordinate with you or your client.  Both of these result in timely restores.


Requesting a Restored Data Drive

You can order a restored data drive by contacting Intronis Support (1-800-569-0155 option 1 or  When placing your order, make sure you specify which client account and computer ID you want a restore drive for as well as what data you want restored.  Additionally, you will need to provide the password for that computer account to allow us to restore its data.  After ordering, Support may have you double-check the shipping address and method and ask you to approve the cost of the restored data drive service – when this is completed, the restored data drive will start processing and you will be notified of when it ships.

Please contact us to get information about the cost of the restored data drive service.

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