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Barracuda MSP Partner Toolkit

What is the BackupCLI?


The BackupCLI is used to execute commands against specific BackupAgents (aka client accounts).  It uses the same method to communicate with a BackupAgent as the Management Portal does. When you are logged into the portal, and browse to a computer to create a backup set or initiate a restore you are using the same protocol as BackupCLI. The key difference with the BackupCLI however, is that it can be automated.

BackupCLI can be found in the installation directory of the your software. (IE: C:\Program Files\Intronis Technologies\eSureIT\BackupCli.exe).  A full installation of the software is not actually needed to execute BackupCli though, since it is a stand-alone app; the only requirement is .NET 3.5.

There are a few ways to execute it: against the locally installed BackupAgent, against a remote BackupAgent using account credentials, or against a remote BackupAgent using your partner or user credentials.

The following presents the proper syntax for communicating with the BackupCli.  You will need to perform these commands from a Windows command prompt (cmd), and ensure that you Cd into the directory which contains the BackupCli.exe.

 To get a list of backup sets of the locally installed agent:

1) BackupCli.exe /local /xml "<GetBackupSetList />"

 To do the same using your partner credentials:

1) BackupCli.exe /username "partner_login" /password "mypassword" /agent "myclient|computer_id" /xml "<GetBackupSetList/>"


1) Simply replace "partner_login" "mypassword" "myclient" and "computer_id":

BackupCli.exe /username "mypartnername" /password "1234567" /agent "intronisexample|0012" /xml ">GetBackupSetList />"

2) Finally, running using the account's credentials:

BackupCli.exe /username "intronisexample" /password "mypw123" /agent "intronisexample|0012" /xml "<GetBackupSetList />"


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