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Where can I find the “Windows Event Log – Intronis” N-Able service template?


A client is trying to find the “Windows Event Log – Intronis” N-Able service template mentioned in our RMM Deployment Kit.pdf but cannot locate it at Where is it?


The RMM Deployment Kit provides this descriptor for the template: With N-able’s N-central, clients can Load the “Windows Event Log – Intronis” service template. Once you have loaded the service template you will be able to monitor Intronis backups through the N-Central dashboard. Both Intronis and N-able must be installed on devices to be able to monitor the backups. 


  1. The link to the template is:
    • The customer will need his Resource Center credentials to access the file.
  2. Pages must be changed as following image illustrates:n-able service templates-1.jpg
  3. The file must be extracted, and the xml for 8.x file edited:
    • Change line 125 from
      useAssetInfo="false" useDefaultValue="false" value="BackupAgent"/>
      useAssetInfo="false" useDefaultValue="false" value="Backup Agent"/>
      (note extra space)
  4. Import the template into N-central 9.x, and apply to the particular devices as usual.
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